Heartbroken Dog Finally Sees Missing Cow That Raised Her

  • May 10, 2019

We’ve all see some pairs of unlikely animal friends, like a dog friend with a chicken and a cat who convinced a baby goat its sibling.

The next duo you’re about to meet is a mama cow and the cute dog she raised.

After Rookie’s mom died after giving birth, the cow raised the orphaned dog herself. For two years, they lived together in a farm barn. Rookie followed her mama cow everywhere, sleeping and taking shelter whenever needed comforting.

But the farmer having problems rasing his two cows, and he must give the mama cow to another farmer lived nearby.

Rookie is emotional and heartbroken on the separation of his mama cow. He cried, refused to eat and waiting for his mama cow to come back. He even went searching for his mama cow and follow it’s voice.

As time passed, the farmer decided to keep the cow for the sake of the dog.

Since Rookie was used being with her mama cow, it was necessary to socialize him with other dogs. So the famer took him to a mix of animals, and this meeting you don’t wanna miss.

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