Son Turns His Basement Into Refurbished Suite For His Elderly Parents to Live In

  • April 1, 2019

A couple named Bonnie and George Miller who entered their golden years together where Bonnie’s body is weak while George began forgetting something.

Both at 87, this couple had to rely to eacth other to lived normally and independently.

Schon their son was always worried about them. He knows how his parents loved each other and couldn’t bare to see them in a nursing home.

When her mother fell and broke her shoulder, Schon and his wife Jeannie, started to searching on how they could help their parents.

They looked for a home with suite. These suites located either on same property or on a single-family home, so their parents could live with them separately and having some privacy.

But Schon and Jeannie haven’t found any that suit their wants, so they came with a plan.

The couple renovated their basement. They removed everything and turned their basement into a fully furnished and fully functional suite just for his parents.

Watch how Schon surprises his parents with their beautiful living space.

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