The Young Man Fom Oklahoma Beg For Adoption Before He Run Out Of Time

  • March 15, 2019

Haven is a 17 year old boy who’s been in Oklahoma Department of Human Services custody for the past five years and is hoping to finally find his permanent parents who can be his forever family.

Unfortunately he is running out of time since by the month of October 2019, he will turn 18 years old and that age should be out of the foster care system.

Haven is involve with the Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps. And he is very passionate about his dream of joining the military one day so he can be “a part of something bigger than himself and serving his noble country.”

Currently Haven lives in a shelter with four other children in a situation that can feel frustrating and limitations. Like they cannot get a driver’s permit, and to him it’s like a previlage of having a driver lisense would make him feel of having the confidence and independence for which he also dreamed of for a long time.

Every child has it’s own dream and if we help them to achieve it, we make the world a better place to live especially for those who has no parents anymore..!

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