Ring Video Doorbell Captured FedEx Driver Doing Beyond The Call Of Duty BY Quietly Shovels Snow Off From A Widow Window’s Porch

  • March 15, 2019

After a pretty nasty snowstorm, Leigh Anne a mother of three tried putting air back in her tires but struggled to remove the stubborn cap.

Leigh Anne noticed a FedEx truck parked along her street and she asked the driver if he could help her. Upon seeing the driver face she recognized that it was Brian as he always deliver the package to the neighborhood.

Brian gladly give a helping hand to Leigh Anne and while doing the tire their conversation reaches to her life story and how her husband died after seven months battle with cancer. Brian was shock, the fact that Leigh Anne was a single mom and widow with three young kids and raising the children alone.

After hearing the sad life of leigh Anne with no hesitation, the FedEx driver went above and beyond the call of duty by making sure her porch was perfectly shoveled after the storm.

There are people who are naturally born with a kind heart and the FedEx driver is one of those.

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