A Mother Found Out That The Pit Bull Is The Real Hero Who Save Her 7 Months Old Baby From Fire

  • March 15, 2019

Before midnight on 3rd of June 2018, Latana Chai a mother of an infant and the owner of 8 months old pit bull was inside the house but she unnoticed the terrible happening outside her house.

Sasha, the pit bull was barking so loud and banging the backyard door that time. then, Latana notice that frantic and furious manner of Sasha is not normal. She quickly check and find out that fire is quickly spreading from her neighbor’s house.

Latan ran quickly insider the house to get the baby which she find out that Shasa the pit bull already have her baby off the bed to save the little ange lfrom fire.

Sasha, save not only the baby but everybody from that fire. Latana said that if not because of Shasa every one are in danger and could have been burned in fire.

Another true story that proved you all that bully breeds deserve respect.

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