Meet a “Snow Fairy” Baby Like Elsa in a movie (Frozen).

  • March 6, 2019

A 5-year-old girl was astonished seeing her baby sister with albinism. When Taylor Dunnavant found out that she and her fiancĂ©, Chris, were expecting their second baby, they didn’t realize that this was just the first of many surprises that baby Noralynn would bring them and their 5-year-old daughter. After a pregnancy that was completely opposite of her first baby, she was in pain, losing weight, and convinced she was having a boy. And when she was finally born, this newborn with albinism left everyone but her big sister with countless questions.

While on the labor room, Dunnavant wondered what is the hair color of her newborn. Could be red, like hers or brown like Chris’s.
As she pushed, a nurse told Dunnavant that her baby had a head full of hair, and this didn’t come as a surprise, since her firstborn was born with thick brown hair. However, the nurse left out one detail: Baby Nora’s hair was completely white.

Dunnavant was surprised when she saw her newborn.
After that final push, Dunnavant’s doctor held up Nora so that her parents could see their newborn for the first time. “When he set her down, all I could do was yell, ‘Oh!'” she tells CafeMom. “Our baby had hair alright, a head full of hair, white as snow. I looked at Chris and all I could say to him was, ‘She has white hair.'”
Dunnavant thought how would Brooklynn deal to Nora’s “uncommon” appearance.
“I was dreading having to explain to our 5-year-old, Brooklynn, why her sister was different,” said Dunnavant. “I didn’t want Brooklynn to think we didn’t love her. It wasn’t so much directed towards Noralynn’s albinism, but more just I didn’t want Brooklynn to dislike her baby sister.”

Brooklynn saw was a princess: Her sister looked like Elsa from Frozen.
Brooklynn was blown away by her sister’s beauty. “I didn’t have to tell her [a] thing … She told me that her sister was a snow fairy. And then informed me that she was related to Elsa,” she says. “I should have known that children see no differences.”
“As soon as she told me she looked like Elsa, I couldn’t help but laugh,” she says. “It was the most comical, yet heartwarming response. And I hoped the world would be just as accepting as my 5-year-old was.”

A specialist confirmed Nora was diagnosed with albinism.
“With neither of us having any family members that we know of that have albinism, we were completely confused,” she says. “The genetic counselor explained to us that albinism is a recessive gene, meaning that both mother and father have to possess the gene in order for baby to receive it. The other option is that baby mutated the gene all on her own.”
“With Nora specifically, it is unlikely that she will ever have any other hair color other than white,” she says. “It is possible she may gain some pigment, but unlikely. The same with her eyes. She will most likely need some type of corrective lenses, like glasses. We will forever have to lather her up in the highest SPF of sunscreen that we can find. There is a chance that she could have trouble with hearing.” “Her eyes will remain silver with glares of red,” said Dunnavant.
“Everything that the specialist mentioned was manageable. This entire time I was horrified over all things that could be managed,” “A little weight was lifted off of my shoulders. Her condition no longer was on my mind, knowing that she is healthy, just different.” Dunnavant says.

Netizens reactions to baby Nora.
Dunnavant states: “They would ask Chris and I if she was albino”. “People would point and stare. And we even had people yell across the grocery store to ‘look at the little albino.’ Of course, this upset us. We expected that type of behavior out of children but never from full-grown adults. How do you protect your children from the world being so cruel? How do we as parents make sure that our children do not grow up disliking themselves or things about themselves because they are different?”
Dunnavant found it difficult to deal with all the attention whenever they left home. “We cannot go anywhere without people stopping and asking something in reference to her hair. Or asking to see the color of her eyes,” she says.

Being different is Baby Nora’s own version of beauty.
Dunnavant get used to netizen’s curiosity and just politely utter with, “She has albinism.”
“Before Noralynn, Chris and I had zero knowledge of albinism,” she says. “We’re learning more and more every day. I’m slightly upset with myself, because I was so worried about the condition without knowing anything about it. But, now I know and everything’s going to be okay. We’ve been given such a special little girl to raise and to grow with. She not only brings joy to everyone that she meets, but to anyone who gets to see her unique features in photographs. This is definitely going to be a different journey than we had planned for, but it’s going to be okay. Having albinism is okay. Being different is okay.”

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