A Truck Driver saw what happened how two beagles were thrown from a moving car.

  • March 6, 2019

Two puppies were thrown on the highway from a moving car. A Truck Driver calls 911 to rescue two puppies, after everything what happen at Interstate 81 in New York. Trooper and Adam are a cute, cheerful beagle duo. It’s hard to imagine how anyone could threw these lovable puppies out of a moving car, but that’s exactly what happened.
The two beagles were sent to Broome County Humane Society, where veterinarians worked to rehabilitate them separately. Trooper’s injuries were so bad that he lost one of his legs. It was a tremendous experience of the two beagles however they are resilient. Furthermore over 100 interested applicants to adopt Adam and Troopers while at the humane society.
Connie and Roger Miller is the lucky couple who win the custody of the two beagles. The couple knew they’d take the dogs home “as soon as they walked into the room.”
“Adam is just full of life,” Roger said. “He loves to play, run, fetch, catch. And Trooper is just kind of the laid-back kind of dog, but he loves his partner.”
The humane society employees were in melancholy for letting the two Dogs go. It’s really a bittersweet day,” employee Todd Hubik said. “But it’s nice to see them go home to such an amazing family.”
Watch the video to witness how the two dogs face a happy ending after they were cruelly thrown out of a moving vehicle.

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