A Toddler That Is Been Missing For Days And Neighbor found out that The Baby Is Being Protected By A Pit Bull All The Time

  • February 19, 2019

Month of June 2018 the little girl named Charlee Campbell and who happen to have autism is gone from her grandparent’s home town of Lebanon Junction, Kentucky.

Her grandmother was shocked when seeing the front door was open and Charlee and Penny, the pit ball are both missing.

It took 36 hours for the authorities, volunteers, search crews searched everywhere even to the wild woods but to no sign of her.

The disappearance Charlee has became the talk of the town and one of her neighbor Wayne Brown was praying while sitting on his couch, He prayed that she’d be found safe.

Such a miracle when Wayne saw a tiny blonde-haired girl standing in his yard. And it was Charlee and the pit bull. For long period of hours the poor little Charlee is under care of the humble pit bull.

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